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Est. 1973
Providing quality dance education for ages 2 and up for over forty years!
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MSD Dancers perform in two recitals per year

The Mid Year Revue
January 12, 2019
A low-key recital held in January that showcases what the dancers have learned thus far during the Year. This show does not require purchase of costumes. Below is a gallery of previous Mid-Year Revue performances

  1. Managing Director
    Whole Cast Finale
  2. Managing Director
    Butterfly Fly Away (Preschool Ballet/Tap)
  3. Managing Director
    Both Reached For the Gun (Musical Theater/Adv Tap)
  4. Managing Director
    Shout Out to My Ex (Senior Rep 2)
  5. Managing Director
    Jet Set (Tap for Teens)
  6. Managing Director
    Met's Day (Cheerdance)
  7. Managing Director
    Splish Splash (Pre-Ballet)
  8. Managing Director
    Fix You (Adv Modern)
  9. Managing Director
    Atonement (Senior Rep 1)
  10. Managing Director
    Hide and Seek (Adv Modern)

The Recital
May 24, 2019
Dress Rehearsal May 23, 2019
The Yearly Recital takes place at the end of May, or the beginning of June, depending on theater availability. This performance showcases all new chorepgraphy that students have learned since the Mid-Year Revue. Students dress up in tasteful, age appropriate costumes and show off their love of dance. All costumes are included in yearly tuition, up to 5 costumes per family.